Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little History

This was me in September 2002.  I joined Weight Watchers on September 11, 2002.  I beleive this was the heaviest my weight has been.  I was 173.6 pounds and 5'2".  I was talked into going to my first meeting by a friend.  She only went for a few weeks, but I continued.  I lost 6.8 pounds my first week! (Haven't had a loss that big since, but that is ok!)  I was inspired by the meeting leaders and hearing stories from fellow members. 
Nine months later I reached goal.  My goal is 139.  At my lowest, I was 134.2, for a total loss of 39.4 pounds.  Over the years, I gained some weight back.  In October 2006, I was back up to 163 pounds.  I have managed to lose the weight again.  This morning I weighed in at home at 137.6 pounds.  I have been in the 137-140 pound range, which is ok, but I'd like to lose 5 more pounds to be at my lowest. LOL
I have realized that I need to track my points.  If I don't track, then my weight gain gets out of control.  I still follow the plan that I learned in 2002.  I have not gone to a Weight Watchers meeting in over a year.  I didn't care for the Points+ program, so I am sticking with what works for me!
Right now I am focusing on maintaining my weight, living an active life, and eating healthy.
This is me in April 2010.

This is me in January 2012.  Quite a change from the first picture I think!

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