Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend over....

Another week and weekend has come and gone.  Back to work tomorrow.  It has been a pretty laid back weekend, due to the fact I had a headache for most of it.  I hate not feeling good on the weekend.  This past few days I have been trying to give my left foot a break.  After running on the treadmill Wednesday and Thursday, my left foot was hurting around the ankle so I figured I would give it a break.  I still went to the gym, but I stuck with the exercise bikes and arc trainer.  I also did the 30 minute workout express which includes cardio and weights.

Yesterday I made a favorite recipe "Zucchini and Spaghetti Squash Lasagna."  I had a package of sliced white mushrooms in the fridge so I added a layer of mushrooms to the lasagna.  I was worried that it would add excess water, but it turned out delicious.  I had all the ingrediants laid out on the counter of my small kitchen and while I had my back turned assembling the lasagna my cat knocked the mozzarella cheese to the floor.  He was happy!  I didn't have any more mozzarella so I had to use a Mexican blend for part of it.  Still good though!

This past week I found a large package of chopped kale at the local Wal-Mart.  Earlier in the week I experimented with kale chips.  They turned out ok, but I used too much salt.  So I still have a ton of kale in the fridge.  Tonight I cooked a turkey burger on the George Foreman.  While it was cooking I sauteed some onion, green pepper, mushrooms, garlic, and kale with balmasic vinegar.  I put it on top of the turkey burger with some Laughing Cow light swiss cheese on a sandwich thin bun.  It wasn't too bad.  It just needed something to hold it together a little better.

Tomorrow is a new week and hopefully it will be a good week, healthy week. 

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