Monday, July 16, 2012

Holy Moly!

Holy Moly, have I been busy since I got home from work!  First I put in a load of laundry.  Then whipped up a batch of Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread.  It seems like I always have bananas to use up lately.  This recipe was not exactly low-fat, but I made a few slight adjustments.  I used light margarine instead of butter and used Splenda for part of the sugar in the bread batter.

With laundry going and banana bread in the oven, I then made a batch of quinoa to use for supper.  Then I started cleaning/rearranging my linen closet.  It looks pretty good.  Then I biked to my parents' house to drop off the above mentioned banana bread (saving a few slices for myself).  From there I biked to Zumba.  After Zumba I biked back home and made supper.

Supper was inspired by this recipe I found on Pinterest.  I used a can of corn instead of an ear of corn.  I also added some Mrs. Dash to the veggies as they were cooking.  I think my end product had more vegetables than the one in the recipe, but nothing wrong with that!  I made 2 servings with it, so I have another one for tomorrow.

I'm relaxing now, but do need to do some dishes before I attempt to go to bed early since I did not sleep well last night.

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