Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sensational Sunday!

This has been a great weekend full of friends and fun! Today I went for a run outside.  I love running outside, it has been so hot and humid (80-90 degree temps.).  It was only 72 and overcast, so outside I went.  I ran at least 3.41 miles in 39 minutes.  My GPS quit partway through my run, so I know there was some time in between when the GPS stopped and restarting it.

Had a cookout with some friends for lunch.  Hot dogs, pasta salad (with lots of veggies), fruit, and chips.  I was in charge of bringing the chips.  I brought multi-grain tortilla chips and baked potato chips.  Unfortunately, I had to bring the leftovers home.

My freezer is getting full.  My supper involved using things that I had in the freezer.  I sauteed frozen salad shrimp, frozen corn, frozen green pepper, and fresh onion with some seasoning.  I then used it as the filling for a quesadilla, along with some cheese.  It turned out very good.  I think I'm getting pretty good at making meals using ingrediants that I have on hand.

For dessert, I made some Banana Soft Serve with a couple frozen strawberries and chia seeds.  Yum!  Tomorrow is Monday and it is back to work.  I love having a whole weekend off.

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