Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Active End of the Month

The past two days were spent sitting in a training for work.  Lots of "snacks" were provided, some were better than others.  Cookies, trail mix, string cheese, candy (salt water taffy, tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, etc.).  Yesterday I did pretty good limiting my snacks, and the lunch provided was a taco salad.  Today I felt I didn't do as well.  I really didn't need that second cookie and I didn't need to keep eating the salt water taffy just because a coworker kept putting it in front of me.

Tuesday night I bought new running shoes.  Aren't they pretty?
Wednesday after sitting through a day of training, I headed to the gym to try them out.  Now I know that new shoes need to be broken in so I only ran for half the time I usually do.  I wasn't counting on the back of my foot getting raw.  This has never happened to me before. 

Today is the last day of the month and again I found myself in the predicament of needing to go to the gym to get my 12 monthly visits in.  After another day of training (and too many snacks), I headed to the gym.  I did about 20 minutes of weights since Thursday is Zumba night and I didn't want to miss Zumba.  Well then I got the "smart" idea to walk to Zumba.  I should have left home about 5 minutes sooner than I did because I had to run the last few blocks.  I got there during the first song.  After Zumba, it was a leisurely walk back home.  Here is the GPS info I got on the way home.  1.81 miles one way--a little farther than I thought it was, but that's ok. 

So today's activity included: weights at the gym, walk/run to Zumba, Zumba, and walk home from Zumba.  It made me feel better about all the treats I had. :)

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