Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle 5K

Today started off by having brunch the family to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary and I hope you have many more years together.  We went to a brunch buffet where I made some good choices and some bad choices.
Here is a picture of my mom and dad at my cousin's wedding a little over a year ago.

This afternoon I ran my first 5K of the year, the Shamrock Shuffle.  An unseasonably nice day in the 70+ degrees, but windy.  My time was 38 minutes, 1 second.  A little slow, but we were going against the wind for the last half of the race.  And if I think of the fact that I had never done a 5K until last August that's pretty good!  The race fee went toward the Amachi Lunch Buddy program.  It is a mentorship program similar to Big Brother/Big Sister and the fees will help pay for mentor to have school lunch with the mentee.

The rest of my evening included laundry and roasting a Kabocha squash that has been sitting on my counter for awhile.  Now I'm watching a little TV before bed and starting a new week.  Monday always comes too fast!!!

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